Arcane Agency's little (but mighty) sister and your secret digital marketing and business growth e-learning portal.

Arcane Academy

Arcane Agency's little (but mighty) sister and your secret digital marketing and business growth e-learning portal. 


Short Courses

Just need a little skills update? Or short courses range from 45 minutes to 2 hours and will set you on the right track. Want to know why you need a Facebook Pixel and what it does? Maybe you want to run Facebook Ads but are too scared? Or is it a plan you are needing? Whatever it is, you can start looking here.  


Want some 1:1 time to see if there's anyway you can improve your campaigns? Or maybe you just need some strategy advice? This package is the one for you. 

Our Signature Program

This digital marketing program is the one you have been waiting for. Think a uni post grad course but 100% current information and so hands on that you will create and optimise your campaigns and build a marketing strategy with industry experts holding your hand the whole way. 

Arcane Agency

Based in Geelong, Victoria, we pride ourselves on being a marketing agency with a difference. No more big words and jargon, we help you and your marketing team navigate through the unknown so your business can thrive and survive those feast and famine cycles we are all too familiar with. Click here for our full list of services. 

Need Assistance?

Not sure what the best option for you is? Don't worry, we get it! You can book a time direct into my calendar for us to talk about your business and what the best options are for you to move forward.


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